Meet Norm | Discover the spider chase!

12 October 2015

Meet Norm | Discover the spider chase!

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Hi again!

Welcome to the new update of Meet Norm. In the last update we showed you a screenshot of Norm meeting his first big enemy, the spider. You can imagine what happens next. Norm freaks, starts crying like a little girl and runs for his life. So we needed to make some animations to make the spider come to life. Vince created a tree that comes falling down and from under the rubble the spider emerges. The chase begins! During the chase the spider will try to jump on Norm and bite him. So you better run fast. One mistake and he’s done for.

We didn’t get into the soundeffects and music but here is the first gameplay shot of the beginning of the chase.

Upcoming: The panic system

We are working out the unique panic system Norm works with. Norm will get a panic bar wich will indicate how much he can still handle. If the bar is full, he will be done for. The bar will slightly decrease over time (if you dont get hit by anything) and Norm will calm down.

There is a second way Norm can calm down. During his youth Norm has had a couple of anxiety attacks and started hyperventilating. So his parents bought him a inhaler to regulate his breath and calm him down. So this little trick works out quite nice for Norm. Norm can pick up inhalers in the levels to calm him down and give him some slack.

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