Meet Norm | Introducing the Beetle

29 October 2015

Meet Norm | Introducing the Beetle

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Meet Norm Beetle Enemy Meet Norm Beetle Enemy

New enemy: The Beetle

In this update we are introducing a new enemy, the BEETLE! Scary right? This beetle is a mix of a real beetle and a rhino. When he sees Norm he will rush towards him and try to make him roadkill. He can’t be killed because, comon, look at him. Whats Norm going to do against spikes and a big horn? The trick will be to avoid this bugger and jump over or sprint away from him. The beetles in Meet Norm can climb trees, so even if Norm is climbing he’s not safe.

Other beetles

In the future we will make a few different beetles. We are thinking of beetles that will explode or shoot some kind of goo at Norms’ face. Beetles that will drop down if they see Norm walking beneath them.

Any suggestions?

If you have any suggestions or ideas on some cool enemy beetles, please share it with us. We can create it for you! Help us make the world of Norm a unique place with all kinds of cool enemies.

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