Norm comes to life!

25 July 2015

Norm comes to life!

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This week we started working on the new demo of Meet Norm. The first step was making a 3D version of Norm. We want to make Norm look like a frightened teenager, who’s scared of everything that comes in his path. Vince struggled to make this happen. But with a good result. At least, that’s what we think :). And now, Norm comes to life, he’s alive, alive! (muhaha)

After that we made a control rig for Norm so he can make all kinds of faces. In the following video you can see some of the faces and moves he can make with the current control rig. And please, please respect the awesome sound effects Vince made. Enjoy!

Please leave your comments and tell us what you think! We need your help to improve the game ;).