Norm gets a voice!

23 August 2015

Norm gets a voice!

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After animating Norm and presenting that to you guyz, it was time to give him a voice! Erik did all the voice records for Norm and Faisal is now working hard to get the sounds game ready. We ended up having a great time and recorded everything that fits Norm’s animations like dying, jumping, screaming like a little girl because he’s scared. Maybe we should make him fart if he scares really hard :).

Next step: Making the level objects for the demo. The following weeks we are going to work on all the 3d object that should be places in the demo level. After creating the objects, we are going to place them in the level. We are going to make a fun, challenging, stunning demo for you guyz. Just you wait ;).

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Hope to see you with our next update!