Fact Sheet

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Our History

I (Erik) have been working on Meet Norm for four years now. I have a full-time job as a teacher in webdesign. But my passion for gaming never leaves me alone. So a few years ago I started working out a project called Meet Norm and Norm was born. I started out with a gameplan and approached some gamedesign school. One school gave me an intern who worked out all the concept art (Thanks Djerry!). After that two student groups tried to work out a demo, but those didn't have the right spark. It lacked humor and good gameplay. So I gave the project a rest for 1 year and then I met some students of mine (Angelo and Vince,DreamInCode) who told me they could make games. I told them to show me what they got. So they did and I was amazed what they can create/develop. We decided to work together to make our dream of developing a game come true.

Game Description

Meet Norm is a fun, wicked and challenging 3D platformer that lets you explore Norms' world. Norm is a worm with an anxiety disorder. He doesn't get out much because of his fears so he spends his days gaming. His dad doesn't really understand his condition and thinks he just needs a push, so he kicks him out of the house. From that moment on Norm gets in all kinds of trouble. Norm gets hunted by huge predators. Norm is very small in a big world. Objects and enemies will have their natural size. Get acquainted with Norms' unique panic system and try to calm him down so he doesn't freak out. Play as Norm and discover six different worlds with approximately 7 levels.

Key Features

The panic system:

A key feauture of the game is Norms' panic system. Because of his anxiety disorder it is important to keep him as calm as possible. If Norm gets hit, his panic bar will grow. If it reaches the max he will start hyperventilating and it's over. As the panic increases the ingame sight will decrease, Norm wil get tunnel vision and starts shiffering. So the amount of panic has influence on the gameplay. The panic will decrease over time (if you don't get hit by anything). The second way to decrease his panic is to pick up inhalers to prevent him from hyperventilating.

The hunt:

Each world (containing 7/8 levels) will have one huge enemy who will be hunting you during your exploration of the levels. Norm needs to run like hell to escape this big chunk of madness. Aside from the big boss there will be lots of smaller enemies who will try to eat Norm or make his life miserable.

It's a small big world:

Because Norm is so small, we will create the feeling that he's in a very big world. Objects and enemies will look enormous and the player will feel very small in a big world. For example: In the forest level there is a giant moose who will try to trample you and a huge mole who will try to eat you for lunch!

Vehicle Creatures:

You can’t face the world on your own. You will need friends. You’ll get help from some cool vehicle creatures who will help you during your adventure. These creatures will help you escape the enemies who are hunting you.