Upcoming: New Demo

9 July 2015

Upcoming: New Demo

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In the next two weeks we will start with our new demo. The existing demo was ok, but we would like to push it to the next level before we start on Kickstarter. In our new demo we want to introduce the following features:


  • A whole new enviroment. This time we will make a level in the forest.
  • New enemies
  • Show off new abilities for Norm. Jumping, sliding, hitting with a stick (badass!)
  • Introduce a vehicle creature
  • Meet the first end boss who hunts you!!! (the moose)


The demo will be finished in three months. We will keep you guyz updates weekly. Please share, like and place comments. We would really like you to participate in the process. We can learn much from our crowd, so dont hesitate to contact us and share your thoughts.